Plywood production process management

Plywood production process management

Reasonable allocation of plywood production process inspection and monitoring personnel;

The ability and quality of inspection and monitoring personnel in plywood production process should meet the requirements;

Plywood production process inspection and monitoring efforts to meet the needs of enterprises to prevent the emergence of substandard products;

There should be clear measures to deal with the unqualified products in plywood production process;

When the product is unqualified, the information should be transmitted in time;

The reason of unqualified products should be clearly analyzed by whom;

The statistical technology used in plywood production should meet the needs of enterprises;

The inspection and monitoring personnel of plywood production process should have a good communication channel with each workshop, and form the idea that the product quality is manufactured rather than inspected;

The special requirements of product orders should be delivered to the plywood production process monitoring personnel in time.

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