Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 1 Grade and read the plywood

As we know that  plywood is graded on the appearance of the face and back veneers only (not the core). The better side is called the face, the poorer side is called the back. These grades listed  read “face/back.” 

For example : Birch plywood ,means the face and back wood veneer (top and bottome face ) are birch . No need to read the core wood species .

If we want to know more details about the plywood,for example ,poplar core ,birch face and back ,means birch plywood with poplar core ,then name it poplar core birch plywood .

Birch plywood is the First category ,  then poplar core birch plywood is the sub categories  , the birch plywood may have other core wood species such as eucalyptus or tropical hardwoods and softwood species .


CORE ,GLUE ,THICKNESS may be the sub category ….


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