Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 15 Nails and Screw Holding

Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 15 Plywood Nails and Screw Holding power

The plywood is widely used in many applicaitons , mostly will cut to small pieces and also use nails .Screw-holding, internal bond, and related properties of composite board products for building construction applications , furniture and cabinet manufacturers .

So ,if required ,Screw the nails into edge of plywood ,to see if any delamination or any other problems ,check the Holding strength of screws .Properties covered are screw-holding, internal bond, density profile, and edge appearance .screw-holding powers of these products are considerably less than that of solid wood of the same density. Internal bond strength, density profile, and edge appearance are all related to each other to some degree and are largely governed by press conditions, veneer ,particle or fiber characteristics, and adhesive content.

Also need to check the  edge withdrawal resistance .Inserting screws into plywood edges is not normally recommended but may be necessary at times. The QC if find the problems ,should tell the factories to ncrease screw withdrawal resistance .

Let the QC do some test ,The direct withdrawal of the screw, the screw-head pull-through, and the lateral nail resistance tests were conducted according to the customers’s request with the exception of the dimensions of the POs.

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