Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 26 Thin Plywood Flexibility testing and strength Test

Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 26 Thin Plywood Flexibility testing and strength Test

This is one simple way to test the thin plywood surface  and inside structural defects and flexibility ,also call

diagonal Bending test ,also make the two 1220mm edges Parallel bending .

Only for thin plywood below 6.0mm .We will talk about thick plywood above 9mm the flex test .

1) Stand the plywood  vertically with its 1220mm edge on one flat  ground  and the plywood face towards you .
2) Grip the top plywood edge with your right hand and firmly place your left palm against the left-hand side of the plywood face.
3) Pull down with your right hand  while simultaneously pressing forward with your left palm . Hold this position during inspection. Some thin plywood such as 2.7mm and 3.6mm can bend completely .

4) With the plywood in this flex position, thoroughly inspect the entire plywood surface for irregularities, which will look like  bubbles  and creases . In the rare instance you find such an irregularity, do not accept the plywood. Set it aside and contact the mills immediately for a resolution.When you do this test ,use your ears to hear ,your eyes to watch ,and your hands to touch .

For this Bend-testing this is very nessary  when the QC fist inspect the plywood .

Use your hands to   bent the plywood. Try gently bending the ends of the plywood to see if it straightens out or holds its curve. Turn the plywood upside down so it’s resting on the ends and push down on the center of the curve with your hand.


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