Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 7 Glue (Adhesives Lines )

Plywood QC Inspection Checklist : Part 7 Glue (Adhesives Lines )

When inspect the plywood ,the quality of glue is hard to recognize and test on sites immediately if without professional special tools or equipments ,If just visual observation,especially the glue formaldehyde emissions ,need special Laboratory testing .

For the Bonding performance ,it is more easier than testing the formaldehyde emission ,can use your fingers or knives to get a rough idea not professional exact values .

Most of the factories using color pigment to mixed the fresh raw glue ,so it is hard for the QC to recognize the glue quality and grades .You can find different glue colors such as red ,yellow ….

Regarding the glue color ,different countries or markets have special requirements ,such as Israel required red or dark red glue color .But USA does not want red color glue ,because some USA importer had bad experiene that some plywood with red glue has bad quality issues before ,so they don’t like red glue .Once bitten and twice shy .

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