Plywood Sanding Machine

Plywood Sanding Machine Machine

This plywood sanding machine suits for polishing lumber core plywood, multilayer board, clip board and integrated board of furniture, bamboo floor, wood window and door, handiwork, glass fibre reinforced plastic, wood-plastic composite etc.

The plywood sanding machine adopts modularity design. They can be combined optionally and satisfy different customers’ requirements.The contact roller adopts aggravating steel. Its polishing amount is large and in high planeness.Adjusting speed through large power which leads to high efficiency.

Main Features of Plywood Sanding Machine: 

  1. Special curved nonmetal material surface sanding machine
  2. The sanding machine suits for finish sanding of some marble,solid wood, bamboo wood,  panel furniture, wood door and widows, veneer board, laminated wood etc.
  3. It suits for calibrating and polishing all kinds of panels which thickness deviation is big.
  4. The micro computer controlling panel is easy to operate.
  5. It is with high precision and good working stability.
  6. The machine with strong rigidity, big weight and using double pressing rollers.
  7. The machine will auto stop to ensure safety when lacking of air pressure or breaking of  abrasive belt.
  8. Technical Data of Plywood Sanding Machine

    Model LT-P600 LT-P1000 LT-P1300
    Working Width 30~600 30~1000 30~1300
    Working Thickness 2~110 2~110 2 ~110
    Feeding Spee 6~38 6~38 6~38
    Belt Size 650*1700 1020*2200 1320*2200
    Sanding  Roll Size 190 190 240
    Polishing Roll size 190 190 190
    Work Voltage(mpa) 0.55 0.55 0.55
    Wind Velocity(m/s) 25~30 25~30 25~30
    Convey Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
    Polishing roll power 4 4 7.5
    Belt      Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11
    Total Power(kw) 11 13 18.5
    Machine Size(mm) 1800*1000*2040 1800*1300*2040 1800*1600*2040
    Machine Weight(kg) 1600 1800 2000
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