Plywood supplier development and management, the more the better?

Plywood supplier development and management, the more the better?

As a sourcing expert, the development and management of plywood supplier is an important daily work. The whole life cycle management of plywood supplier involves the development and introduction of plywood supplier, material classification and management of plywood supplier, performance evaluation and improvement of plywood supplier, and risk assessment and abolition of plywood supplier. The core goal of plywood supplier management is to introduce high-quality core plywood suppliers, establish a standardized plywood supplier management system, so that enterprises can focus limited resources on key core plywood suppliers, and improve the operation efficiency of enterprise procurement.

Jason is the purchasing manager of a large group company. He is mainly responsible for the purchase of high-grade plywood materials. After nearly ten years of accumulation, there are nearly 300 plywood suppliers in the company’s plywood supplier resource pool. For this data, when Jason communicates with the same bank, some of his peers envy their company’s so many plywood suppliers Resources, think they have so many plywood supplier resources, in the plywood supplier development will save a lot of time.

Is that the truth?

1. Although there are so many plywood suppliers in the resource pool, the demand for high-grade materials is fragmented. When there is a demand for new materials and there is no plywood supplier for corresponding materials in the system, Jason still needs to arrange people to develop plywood suppliers, especially in the recent two years, when the enterprise’s technical transformation and upgrading, many parts are also upgraded As a result, a lot of new material procurement needs have been generated, and the development of plywood suppliers has not decreased much.

2. With the increase of the number of plywood suppliers, the workload of quality control for plywood suppliers has increased simultaneously. Some materials have only been purchased once. After calculation, up to 90% + plywood suppliers have only supplied once, which has caused a great trouble to Jason. For so many plywood suppliers, how to simplify and optimize the huge amount of glue in the resource pool What about plywood suppliers? The more plywood suppliers, the more we need to optimize and select high-quality plywood suppliers.

3. More plywood suppliers. The workload of performance evaluation of the corresponding plywood supplier will be larger. This work is related to the quality of the imported plywood supplier. Without any attention, the qualified plywood supplier of class B will be evaluated as a class a high-quality plywood supplier. If there are delivery delay, quality defects and other problems in the later stage, you will be responsible.

In the process of plywood supplier management, only Jason can realize the bothering things, and his feelings are mixed. Recently, due to the addition of some new plywood suppliers, the workload has also increased, and we often feel pressure.

The establishment of a standardized plywood supplier management system requires a set of systematic processes and management methods. In the whole life cycle management of plywood suppliers, systematic overall solutions are provided from plywood supplier development, material classification management and quality assurance, plywood supplier optimization to plywood supplier evaluation.

At an industry exchange and sharing meeting, the guests shared a case of one of the world’s top 500 enterprises through optimizing plywood supplier management and simplifying plywood supplier structure, which aroused Jason’s interest.

Now, three months later, Jason no longer has to worry about the development and optimization of plywood supplier management, and his smile is growing

1. Open source sourcing

Plywood supplier development is the primary task of plywood supplier management, especially the development of high-grade material plywood supplier takes a lot of time. Plywood inspection team integrates the plywood supplier resources in the market and shares them with customers. Customers sign plywood inspection team, that is, they enjoy these plywood supplier resources free of charge, even if there is no resource pool for enterprises Industry, also equivalent to free ownership of the enterprise’s shared plywood supplier resource pool.

2. Quality assurance

In addition to meeting the goal of cost control, material procurement should also take into account the requirements of on-time delivery and quality assurance, which will not affect the smooth progress of production, and will not delay the construction period due to quality problems. In this regard, plywood inspection team strictly reviews the access qualification of plywood suppliers, and each plywood supplier stationed in plywood inspection team needs to sign with the platform The quality assurance agreement shall be established to control the qualification of the settled plywood supplier from the source,

3. Plywood supplier optimization

The platform provides fair trading opportunities for plywood suppliers. As the trading mechanism of plywood inspection team is transparent and compliant, and the benign market mechanism promotes plywood suppliers to provide high-quality and low-cost goods, some high-quality plywood suppliers stand out. Through continuous cooperation with plywood suppliers, enterprises can select high-quality plywood suppliers and optimize gluing Board supplier resources, greatly reduce plywood supplier management costs.

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