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I have been working in the wood based panels and wood furniture and some hardware building materiasl industries for 16 years (Since 2003) and know many factories. I am not a sourcing company that works on commission basis. My clients pay me up front. I am a scout. I help you find the right factories fast and put you in direct contact with them.

The first step is for me to know clearly what your product is. The more details you share with me about your product the easier it is for me to identify a factory that can make it.
The second step is to know any special requirements the factory must have like certification and size. I have created a contact form to make it easy for you to answer the questions I need to help you. If you have your product specs and are ready to meet factories then please fill out my contact form.

If you are new to manufacturing and just have questions then I’d be happy to answer your questions and give you my advice. I offer consulting which you can book online and chat with me on Skype,Wecaht,Emails ,or Phone calls . Or you can read my books which systematically cover all the topics you should be familiar with before contacting overseas manufacturers. My specialty is wood based panels such as plywood,OSB,particle board, MDF, LVL ,blockboard and kitchen cabinets ,wardores ,furniture .

The team I work with offers services like factory introductions, factory visits, audits, quality control and more. We do not work exclusively for any factory. We charge one service at a time and our rates are competitive. We aim to help you source quickly and become your long term sourcing support service in China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam. We can help you set up offices, register your business, hire staff and find places to live. If you pay us, you become part of our family.

First we need to know basic information. Are you a start up or are you an established business? Are you sourcing wood based panels such as plywood,OSB,particle board, MDF, LVL ,blockboard and kitchen cabinets ,wardores ,furniture? Do you want to work directly with the factory? Which sourcing service interests you the most? What is the problem you are facing? What are your business goals in Vietnam? Contact me, share your story, and let’s see if we can get you up and running in China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam quickly.

I built this website many years ago knowing that China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam would grow to be a powerful manufacturing country. Instead of building my own sourcing company in China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam I teamed up with sourcing experts who already had a team of people who can execute the work you need. My role is marketing and pre-sales. I listen to what you need and offer you options. Professionals who have been sourcing in China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam for many years need different services compared to start ups who have never sourced manufacturing overseas. My job is to hear your story and then quickly point you in the right direction. I am very good as working with both professionals and start ups.

Do you want to work directly with the factory? Nowadays most people want to work directly with factories and don’t really need a sourcing company in China,Indonesia,Malaysia,Russia,India ,Vietnam. Myself and the team I work with are not trying to be your agent. We will not put ourselves between you and the factory. On the contrary. We introduce you directly first, if you need additional services, we will be there for you.

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