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Polaroid is actually a decorative paper veneer board. From the substrate and the finishes, the glass fiber cloth as the skeleton material, the magnesium oxychloride cement as the binder, and adding the toughening agent and the moisture proofing agent is modified, then the drying substrate is affixed to the decorative paper , By the light finishing process such as system.

Polaroid board is plywood base paste with special pattern paper coated with unsaturated resin, the surface and then press a layer of plastic film protective layer. Protective layer for the white, beige and other colored tattoo 3 commonly used specifications are 1800mm × 915mm, 2440mm × 1220mm; thickness 6,8,10,12 mm and so on. Polaroid board is divided into two kinds of ordinary board and pit. Hang plate is in the Polaroid surface to do a certain distance of the pit, the width of 3mm, deep 1mm, to increase its decorative.
Mainly applicable to furniture, interior walls, car walls and other decorative, fire and moisture-resistant anti-aging, smooth surface, low cost
Polaroid is coated with amino resin coated decorative paper on the plywood substrate, or the first color decorative paper on the plywood and then coated with amino resin. The surface is generally matte, natural and realistic. Polaroid board is the first decorative paper paste in the plywood and then coated with polyester resin. These two kinds of plate was 80 years popular decorative materials, although in recent years, large and medium cities in the amount of greatly reduced, but in the county and some areas still have a certain market. The surface of the board bright, colorful, many colors, acid and moisture, the inadequacies of the surface is not wearable.