Poplar bleached veneer

Poplar bleached veneer

With the increasingly strict processing technology, as well as price concessions, poplar bleached veneer has been widely used in our home decoration and other industries. But the high-quality poplar veneer will be corroded. How to prevent corrosion.

One of the serious defects of poplar veneer is easy to corrode. The root cause of wood corrosion is the invasion of wood rot fungus. In the production process of poplar veneer, the main anti-corrosion method is to reduce the water content. When the water content is below 18%, the wood rot fungus can’t propagate. It is necessary to attach great importance to the antiseptic treatment of poplar bleached veneer in humid environment. The antiseptic measure is to brush the chemical antiseptic on the surface of wood or inject it into the interior of wood so that the wood will not be eroded by wood rot fungus or moth.

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