Poplar bleaching veneer color diversification

Poplar bleaching veneer color diversification

Poplar bleaching veneer product color uniformity, can be useful to suppress color differences and natural shortcomings. It uses high-tech processing skills to stop coloring the natural veneer. The coloring is even and the disadvantages are eliminated. Next is the natural grain, the personalized color. It can also stop special customization according to customer needs. There is also a useful way to increase the added value of goods.

Its color diversity not only satisfies the designers’ thinking, but also conforms to the consumers’ aesthetic concept, and then improves the use value of the veneer itself. The density of wood is large, and its surface has strong refraction to light after polishing, so the glossiness of wood surface is naturally higher. The Chinese classical furniture made of this kind of wood has a more profound sense of history and conforms to the aesthetic concept of the domestic people.

The above is the characteristics of natural veneer. Our poplar veneer manufacturers have been providing excellent products and services for you in the light of serving you. If you are interested, why don’t you come here to understand? We will make a specific introduction for you.

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