Post-COVID environment Plywood and MDF Sourcing & Procurement – Supply Chain Services Part 4


How we can help

As you invest in your Sourcing and Procurement activities, it is also critical that you invest in the team that will help you achieve tangible value and real results.’s Plywood,LVL ,HPL ,MELMINE PAPER ,CHIPBOARD,HARDBOARD ,OSB MDF  Supply Chain practice has spent many years developing the experience, knowledge, skills and people who can help you to deliver more value from your Sourcing and Procurement initiatives.


Our services include:


Procurement Transformation

Enhancing the ability of an organization to drive value through improved capabilities, org structures and operating models.


Digital Supply Optimization

Leveraging existing and disruptive technology (i.e. cognitive learning) to improve sourcing insights and source-to-pay process efficiency

Growth & Supplier Innovation

Enhancing topline performance, speed-to-market and margin improvement through supplier collaboration, supplier lifecycle management and innovation

Cost & Cash Optimization

Reducing third party spend across all indirect and direct materials categories through strategic sourcing, contract rationalization, working capital optimization

Supply Risk Management

Measuring and improving total landed cost and social / environmental impact across geographies and the product / supplier lifecycle

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Procurement in a circular economy

Procurement’s contribution to an organisation’s success is about more than managing spend. As the world transitions towards a circular economy, the Procurement department has many vital roles to play.



With changing business dynamics and increasing layers of complexity, expectations of the sourcing and purchasing role have increased.


Our 2021  Survey reveals shifting procurement strategy amid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a time of great uncertainty, defined by volatility across the economy and Plywood,LVL ,HPL ,MELMINE PAPER ,CHIPBOARD,HARDBOARD ,OSB MDF  Supply Chain. With complexity on the rise, how can leaders evolve their procurement strategy to manage risk and supply continuity issues in order to thrive?’s  Survey offers insight into preparing for the future of procurement.



Sourcing Optimisation: reach the next level in Digital Procurement

Increasing Procurement impact by leveraging data and automation with advanced technology



Shaping sourcing and procurement in a post-COVID environment

Wider macro risks affect the entire business world and the extended Plywood,LVL ,HPL ,MELMINE PAPER ,CHIPBOARD,HARDBOARD ,OSB MDF  Supply Chain. Managing procurement risks and cost need to be the priority to adjust to the new economic reality and coordinate investments reducing the complexity of Plywood,LVL ,HPL ,MELMINE PAPER ,CHIPBOARD,HARDBOARD ,OSB MDF  Supply Chains while at the same time improve supplier transparency.





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