Precautions for birch veneer maintenance

Precautions for birch veneer maintenance

Birch veneer is a special kind of board. Due to the raw material characteristics of the product, the veneer has a delicate structure, good elasticity, good moisture absorption and mechanical strength, and is widely used in many fields. However, the relevant people who customize birch special-shaped veneer say that there are several points to be paid attention to when maintaining it:


1. When the birch veneer is used for a long time, the sunlight will cause cracks and local fading of birch veneer, especially in the dry season such as autumn. Try to put it in the indoor warehouse. If it must be placed outdoors, sunshade net needs to be built.

2. Dust removal shall be carried out regularly, because too much dust will also affect the appearance quality of the single board, resulting in rapid aging of the board. Properly moisten it, you can use furniture care essential oil to lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from drying and deformation, nourish the wood, and then avoid the hard object scratch.

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