Problems in plywood quality inspection in Vietnam and China and their rectification measures

Problems in plywood quality inspection in Vietnam and China and their rectification measures

1、 Problems in plywood quality inspection

No matter Acacia poplar plywood or eucalyptus plywood, the production quality has always been a big event for importers and quality control personnel. However, in the process of plywood production and processing, whether the quality of plywood meets the standards is mainly based on the relevant national standards and industry standards of poplar plywood quality testing methods and relevant testing data In other words, whether the quality testing methods and data of poplar plywood are authentic, scientific and effective will directly affect the evaluation of poplar plywood and the production process of poplar plywood. According to the actual implementation process of the testing laboratory, there are still various problems in the quality testing of poplar plywood. Because of this, our relevant departments must timely and actively strengthen the supervision and management of poplar plywood quality testing industry and related, so as to essentially ensure the authenticity and science of poplar plywood quality testing methods and testing data Sex.

1. Classification personnel witness sampling supervision is not in place

In order to deal with all kinds of relations between customers and producers, we are often forced to “open our eyes, close our eyes” and release some irregular samples without principle. The production, processing, production and grading of individual plywood production and processing projects are the same parent, in which the benefit objectives are the same, and it is more difficult for grading personnel to implement the witness inspection system in actual work.

2. Low professional and technical level of graded witness

At present, there are many levels of affiliation phenomenon. The quality of the grading personnel is even more mixed. The on-site witness is not familiar with the standards and specifications of sample delivery for witness testing. It is difficult to meet the requirements of grading and witness sampling because it is unclear about the quantity and specifications of sample delivery. Some even grade plywood division because of the work responsibility is not strong, think plywood quantity is small, simple to do a test, data can pass. For example, in a factory, the Eucalyptus plywood submitted for inspection reported that the test result was “unqualified”, but in the routine spot check of materials used on site, it was found that the plywood used on site was “poplar”. According to the inquiry, there is a shortage of unqualified goods in the near future, which can’t be bought at the moment, but they are eager to catch up with the construction period, so they need to get some other places to send them for inspection first, but they can still see the witness official seal and signature on the inspection commission form.

3. The inspection organization does not verify the grading Witness Qualification in detail

Before the commencement of production and processing or production of plywood, the power of attorney of witness shall be submitted to the quality inspection entrusted by the plywood. However, it is difficult to do a good job of on-site witness in production and processing or grading according to the regulations, sometimes there will be no witness, and some of the orders only have the signature of the witness, without the special seal for witness sampling. As a result, the representativeness and authenticity of witness sampling are not guaranteed.

2、 How to strengthen plywood quality inspection and management

1. Improve the management system, further clarify the responsibilities of all parties in plywood quality testing, and further clarify the quality responsibilities of all parties in testing according to the principle of “who entrusts, who is responsible”, “who tests, who is responsible”. We should strengthen the responsibility management of classification, because classification is the witness of production and testing, which is particularly important.

2. Further strictly implement the system of mobilization inspection and witness sampling and inspection

The quality inspection system shall be strictly implemented in production, and the sample delivery inspection shall be recorded in writing and signed by a specially assigned person; those who have not been inspected or fail to pass the inspection shall not enter the next process of production. The classification must be done well in the field supervision and inspection. There are often fraud in the sampling process, which leads to the inspection report issued by the inspection can not accurately and truly reflect the quality of plywood and raw materials. The inspection result is qualified, but actually unqualified, so that the unqualified materials on plywood can not be found in time, and hidden dangers to the plywood structure and quality.

3. The supervision organization should strengthen the supervision over the responsible subjects of all parties

In order to ensure that the sample (piece) witness can represent the quality status of the parent and the authenticity of the sampling, it is necessary to pay attention to the plywood quality in the supervision of production and processing, urge the implementation of the responsibility of grading witness sampling, and enforce the witness sampling and inspection system. Therefore, in the process of production, it is necessary to make sure that there are links, supervision, inspection and implementation, establish and improve the long-term management system for the quality management of each responsible subject, implement irregular random inspection, and strengthen daily supervision. It is necessary to accurately and truly reflect that the quality of the sample is consistent with that of the parent through the combination of inspection and grading and spot check of the production site, and timely implement the rectification if any problems are found.

4. Further standardizing the entrusted inspection of production and processing

In order to curb the disordered competition in the testing market and prevent the bad behaviors such as falsification of testing reports, the production and processing of plywood shall strictly follow the regulations on production and processing commissioned testing. The plywood quality inspection business is entrusted by the plywood project production and processing (or processing on behalf of others) to the inspection institutions with corresponding qualifications. Two or more testing institutions shall not be entrusted for the same testing item in the same plywood. The entrusting party and the entrusted party shall sign a written contract, in which, in addition to the test items, test quantity, test unit price and test method, it shall also be clear that both parties shall implement the relevant mandatory standards for plywood production and processing and relevant national regulations. The plywood quality supervisors shall strictly review the entrustment of plywood quality testing and whether the contract specifies the specific testing items, testing quantity, etc. during the supervision and disclosure.

5. Further clarify the quality responsibility of the testing organization

Testing institutions shall be responsible for the standardization of their testing activities, the authenticity and accuracy of testing data and testing reports. Testing institutions shall not subcontract testing business. Testing activities must comply with relevant national and industrial norms, regulations and technical standards. Testing reports shall be true, accurate and timely. If testing institutions violate laws, regulations and mandatory standards for plywood production and processing and cause damage to others, they shall bear corresponding liability for compensation according to law.

3、 Conclusion

In a word, only the plywood quality inspection can truly reflect the plywood quality effect. The plywood quality inspection is the need of the production and processing process, and also the social responsibility given by the quality control personnel to the third-party inspection organization. Plywood quality inspection is only a small part of the supervision process, but its importance is self-evident. Therefore, the quality inspection of poplar plywood will be implemented in practice, so that the cause of plywood quality inspection will develop harmoniously.

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