Problems of Melamine boards Lamination

Problems of Melamine boards Lamination

Nowadays, more and more melamine boards Lamination panels are used in decoration, so what problems are likely to arise when the base material is used for melamine boards Lamination?

  1. Warpage of boards Lamination: The main reasons are uneven impregnation of base paper and different volatiles; irregular thickness of hot pressing; excessive temperature difference between upper and lower hot pressing plates.
  2. Polishing board adhesive board (melamine resin partially adheres to the polishing board during curing, which causes surface cracking of the sticking board): the main reasons are too long curing time or too high hot pressing temperature; there is no release agent in melamine resin; and the quality of the polishing board is reduced.
  3. Porous surface of boards Lamination: mainly due to insufficient resin flow at high temperature or low pressure. In addition, the surface structure of substrate also has some influence on boards Lamination.
  4. Layering and bubbling of boards Lamination: The main reasons for delamination are oil or paraffin coating on the surface of base material; the resin content in impregnated paper is very small, the fluidity of resin is too low, which makes the resin on the surface of base material insufficient; the moisture content of base material is too low or the volatile content of impregnated paper is too low. The reason for bubbling is that the base material is too thin or the moisture content is too high. When the press is opened, water vapor is generated.

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  1. Plate edge damage: the reason is that the strength of the edge of the base material is not enough; the shear strength of the surface layer of the base material is not enough, or the shape of the cutter needs to be adjusted, and the sawtooth speed is too low or the feed speed of the plate is too fast.
  2. Folding of impregnated paper during hot pressing.
  3. Wrinkle of paper impregnated in drying box.
  4. Surface water stains: the reasons are too high moisture content of the substrate; improper installation of moisture content measuring instrument for impregnated paper; excessive volatilization of impregnated paper residues; too low temperature at the edge of the sticker panel and moisture regain of impregnated paper during storage.
  5. Emulsion spot formation: (this type of defect mainly occurs in hot-pressed color plate): the main reasons are too low pressure; bigger thickness tolerance of base material; Polished plate is polluted.
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