Process of factory inspection in plywood industry

Process of factory inspection in plywood industry

Inspection is to examine or evaluate the factory according to certain standards. Generally divided into human rights, quality, anti-terrorism factory inspection and so on, enterprise “factory inspection” activities have been popularized in China’s export enterprises. Acceptance of “factory inspection” by multinational corporations and intermediary agencies has become an essential condition for China’s export enterprises, and plywood labor-intensive enterprises have almost become a must. So how many people know what the inspection process is, what documents to have and so on.

First, the process of factory inspection is generally divided into the following six parts.

1. First meeting

(1) Introduce the purpose, method, time arrangement and division of work of the audit.

(2) Put forward the list of documents and information that need to be audited.

(3) Explaining the methods and requirements of workers’interviews

(4) Answer questions raised by factory representatives

2. Factory visits

1. Understanding the basic situation of factories, factories, numbers, dormitories, etc.

(2) Familiar with the route and understand the key points

3. Document and Record Inspection

(1) All kinds of documents and materials required by ICTI factory (such as prohibition of child labour, prohibition of discrimination, etc.)

(2) Check the records for 12 months, and the last 3 months must meet the requirements of ICTI.

4. On-site inspection

Including production workshop, warehouse, dormitory dining hall, toilet, doorman, medical room, etc.

(2) Focus on the three principles of ICTI

(3) Understanding the production situation and recording the workers’activities on the spot

If necessary, possibly take photos.

5. Interview with Workers

(1) Random extraction

(2) Suspicious age

(3) Representatives of factories are not allowed to attend, and they are carried out in separate rooms.

(4) It may be one-to-one or one-to-one.

6. Last meeting

(1) To issue interim reports and decide whether to recommend them or not.

(2) Official report issued in 10 days

Thank you for your cooperation.

(4) Answer the questions raised by the factory

Of these, 3.4.5 may be carried out simultaneously.

In addition, some documents need to be prepared for factory inspection. The following are the important documents used in factory inspection.

Wage scale (past 12 months)

Personnel roster and personal files of employees

Labor contract

Social insurance receipts, rosters and certification documents, etc.

Industrial and Commercial Business License

Fire Inspection Report or Qualification Certificate

Records of fire drills, emergency evacuation plans and work-related injuries

Environmental Protection Certificate

Factory Regulations or Employee Manual

Government Documents on Local Minimum Wage

Equipment safety permit (such as elevator use permit, kitchen hygiene permit, etc.)

Special workers on duty (e.g. elevators, electricians, kitchen workers’hygiene permits, etc.)

Approval of Extension of Overtime by Local Labor Bureau

Medical Examination of Minor Workers and Registration Records of Labor Bureau

Plane plan of workshop

Other documents

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