Processing Procedure of LVL Plywood

Processing Procedure of LVL Plywood

What are the processing procedures of LVL forward plate? LVL directional board is a kind of practical board product, which is widely used in packaging, decoration and other aspects. Manufacturers also have strict requirements on the processing technology of LVL directional board. The main processing procedures include rotary cutting, drying, gluing, aging, hot pressing, cutting, insect-proof treatment, flame retardant treatment, surface treatment, etc., to keep the LVL directional board durable and beautiful.

What are the processing procedures of LVL forward plate?

1. Cut logs into a certain size of boards, and then cut the boards into veneers.

2. After drying, phenolic resin was evenly applied to the connection interface of veneer and aged.

3. The aged veneers are laid out layer by layer and the carbon fibers are placed between the veneer layers.

4. After cold press pre-pressing, hot press hot pressing, segmentation, chamfering, anti-corrosion, thus forming laminated veneer.

5. Cutting, profiling, inserting, drilling and milling of LVL parallel plate.

6. Use fungicides or insecticides to treat the LVL forward board to enhance the insect-proof performance of the LVL forward board.

7. The LVL forward plate is treated with flame retardant and resin by impregnation or other methods.

8. Surface treatment technology, surface overlay decorative veneer, wood-grain paper, impregnated paper, plastic, resin film or metal sheets and other materials, can improve the aesthetic and decorative effect of LVL downward board surface.

9. Under a certain temperature and pressure, the curing temperature of the adhesive layer is generally higher than that of the adhesive layer, so as to shorten the hot pressing period.

In a word, LVL manufacturers have high requirements for LVL forward plate processing, and strict requirements for each process, which not only guarantees the quality and performance of LVL forward plate, but also improves the aesthetics of LVL forward plate.

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