Product Characteristics of Birch Veneer

Product Characteristics of Birch Veneer

It is understood that the use of birch veneer products is often decorated from the door core, which has a great relationship with the texture and texture of birch, its physical characteristics are very critical, below we will have a detailed understanding of its characteristics.

It is understood that the birch bark is very flexible and beautiful, and has been well used in production and processing. Similarly, birch veneer also inherits the disadvantages of birch, such as not corrosion-resistant, not wear-resistant, easy to crack and warp after drying. This is also a difficult problem to overcome in the production and processing of birch veneer. Birch veneer inherits many advantages of birch wood. The birch wood has smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing properties. It also has this performance in processing and gluing, and is easy to process.

High-quality birch veneer with clear texture and smooth surface is the preferred product for your home decoration. We look forward to your visit and patronage. We provide you with the most inexpensive products and obtain good use results.

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