Product parameters of container floor plywood:

Product parameters of container floor plywood:

Category container floor

Layers 19-21

Density: 800kg / m3

Moisture content ≤ 12%

Specification (mm): 2400 * 1160 * 281388 * 1160 * 281010 * 1160 * 281626 * 636 * 28

1.2mm clone wood

Core board: keruing wood, Maras, beech, eucalyptus, APTON wood, etc.

Glue phenolic glue

Preservative AQIS certified

Thickness tolerance ± 0.8

Changkuangong cordial-1

Diagonal difference 2

Warpage 0.2

Edge straightness 0.5

Strength: 5460-7260 kg

Static bending strength ≥ 85mpa

Modulus of elasticity ≥ 10000mpa

Adhesive strength ≥ 1.7pa

Test cycle cooking, bending test, static bending strength measurement, shear test, pressure box test, etc.

Features: inspected according to IICL international standards, it can pass 7260kg test, 6250kg test, etc. of the trolley. It has the characteristics of being used in severe humid and other harsh environments at sea, waterproof, moistureproof, antiseptic and insect proof. The surface of clonal wood can stand the repeated rolling of container during loading and unloading, and its wear resistance is very significant. Some customers can brush paint on the surface according to their own needs to prolong the life of the floor. This kind of floor is a traditional plywood for container, which has a long history. The selection of its wood species, especially the surface clone wood, has gone through decades of screening and can not be replaced.

Advantages: both the surface and the bottom are imported clonal wood, and the core board is hardwood. The surface and bottom plate are flat and smooth without burr, dead joint and durable. Add AQIS preservatives to the floor that meet the requirements of Australian epidemic prevention and inspection, and prevent insects and corrosion. The glue has good adhesion and strong anti-aging ability. It can achieve 72 hour cycle cooking, no glue and no delamination.

Applicable objects: all kinds of marine containers or special containers with high requirements, etc.

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