Production, Processing and Classification of Poplar Veneer

Production, Processing and Classification of Poplar Veneer

Poplar veneer is a kind of wood material which is not more than 1 centimeter thick obtained by rotary cutting or throwing cutting of poplar wood. It is generally about 1 mm thick. It is used to make wood-based panels such as plywood. Poplar veneer because of its good decorative characteristics and easy processing technology, so that more and more businesses began to realize its commercial value, have set up factories to develop, and according to the different needs of consumers, there are many kinds of poplar veneer, below to understand what the classification of poplar veneer bar!

Poplar wood is a kind of common timber. It is hard and durable, with clear texture and reasonable price. So it is a kind of wood with high utilization rate in modern building materials market. Because poplar wood is usually not straight and needs to be processed into boards for use, so poplar veneer is one of the most common boards. Poplar has very high drought resistance, can be used as a wind-proof sand-fixing plant, it can be said that poplar is a treasure all over the world. Now let’s look at the knowledge of poplar veneer classification, hope you can make a understanding of poplar veneer.

Poplar is a fast-growing and High-yielding tree species. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability, long annual growth period and fast production speed. Poplar resources are abundant in southern and Northern China. Poplar fiber structure is loose and its material is relatively poor, so its application scope is limited. At present, it is mainly used as core board or floor of solid wood composite floor, short-cycle industrial raw material or road and river greening tree species. The furniture made of poplar wood is also popular with consumers. At present, the price of the furniture made of poplar wood in the furniture market of our country is more expensive than that of common log furniture, but the furniture made of poplar veneer veneer is much cheaper.

Bleached poplar veneers are processed with chemicals to reduce the color of wood. Because many artificial boards want to achieve the effect of other logs texture, and poplar veneers are often used as building materials for decorative panels, so poplar veneers are often bleached and then processed. Because of the pigments in the wood, the surface is stained, the color distribution is not uniform, the color quality is not uniform, or with dark tones, shades are different, but also because of improper storage of wood, water and bacterial damage and discoloration, which will not only affect the beauty, but also reduce the quality of paint. Therefore, bleached poplar veneer has gradually become the favorite veneer of businesses.

Veneer is a professional term for wood-based panels. Veneer is also known as veneer, panel and face. It is a thin sheet of wood material produced by rotary cutting or planing, sawing and other methods. Its thickness is usually less than a few millimeters, generally dozens of wires. It is mainly used for plywood, blockboard, formwork, veneer and other wood-based panels, poplar wood. It can be used for veneer cutting and throwing. In the production process, the original color of poplar wood is also used as board, because many consumers also like poplar-textured furniture and floor.

Poplar veneer is also poplar veneer, some furniture manufacturers will leave a lot of poplar veneer debris after the use of poplar, how to deal with these things, many people have no idea; in fact, this wood debris is best taken to paper, although seemingly useless, but if sold to other paper mills, it can also earn no money. Less is a good way to deal with it. Particleboard is also a classification of poplar bark. The decorative function of particleboard is very obvious. It can also be seen in the building material market. It is one of the commonly used boards in the market at present.

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