Production Technology of  hardboard

Production Technology of  hardboard


The production technology of  hardboard includes wet method, dry method and semi-dry method. The wet process is based on water as the carrier of fiber transportation. Its mechanism is to make  hardboard with certain strength under the action of interweaving of fibers to produce friction, bonding force between molecules on the surface of fibers and bonding force produced by fibers. Dry process takes air as the carrier of fibre transportation. Fiber preparation is a one-time separation method. Generally, it does not need to be grinded and adhesives are applied. Fiber must be dried before slab forming, and heat treatment is usually not required after hot pressing. Other processes are the same as wet process. Semi-dry process also uses airflow moulding. The fibers keep high moisture content without drying, and no or less rubber is used. Therefore, semi-dry process overcomes the main shortcomings of dry and wet process and maintains some of its advantages.


Understanding the production process of  hardboard, then we have a corresponding understanding of furniture made of  hardboard.

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