Q-Mark Plywood Inspection and QC test Tips

Q-Mark Plywood Inspection and QC test Tips

The Q Board is a high-quality, extremely durable product that can be used for a variety of purposes including roofing, flooring and wall sheathing, Q-Mark structural plywood.

A premium product, Q Board is a specific type of plywood that carries the Q Mark, an internationally-recognised badge of quality. Endorsed by UK notified body BM TRADA, the Q Mark standard takes it beyond traditional CE marking and guarantees customers 100 per cent reliability and ultimate reassurance that this product is fit for purpose. To carry this ultimate seal of approval, Q Board has been independently tested to ensure it is a consistently high standard. This product is awarded its consistency during manufacture and is fully CPD compliant for use in structural applications. Customers looking for peace of mind know that the Q Board is the only choice for quality and reliability.


Q Board is an all round construction panel which is suitable for use in both interior and exterior conditions. It’s strength and versatility means that it can withstand impact but is also easy to saw and nail which makes it the prime product for roofing, flooring and wall sheathing. Each panel is consistent and is precisely measured which makes them easy to work with in all types of construction.


The Q Board’s considerable strength means that it is an ideal panel for use in roof sarking, ceilings, beams systems and load bearing applications. The panel meets all necessary requirements for use in flat roofing applications.


Durable and rigid, the Q board panels are well-suited for use in domestic and commercial flooring. The wood’s smooth surface makes it suitable as a foundation for parquet floor, carpeting and floor tiles, while it’s high loading capacity means it can also be used as a ready-made floor in a warehouse environment.

Wall sheathing

The Q Board has exceptional racking strength and is therefore ideal for partition walls, shearwalls and wind-protective panels for exterior walls. As well as being easy to line, the panels also have naturally high sound and thermal insulation properties.

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