Quality Considerations of Birch Profiled Veneer

Quality Considerations of Birch Profiled Veneer

Birch special-shaped veneer has been widely used. In order to identify the quality of birch special-shaped veneer, the most important thing is the raw materials besides the production process.

1. Production process:

The quality and production cost of special-shaped birch veneer will be affected by the production process capability, the rationality of production process and the sales link. In order to prevent the thickness, surface and roughness of finished products from not up to the standard.

2. Raw material birch:

The choice of birch is based on the fact that the birch wood is light brown to reddish brown and has a shiny surface and a smooth mechanism. Yellow-white slightly brown, rings obvious, wood body pure, slightly hard, fine structure, mechanical strength, elasticity, moisture absorption, drying easy cracking warping. It is not very durable in environments prone to decay. It is more used in the form of splints. Birch is usually used for special plywood, flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decorative materials, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood and so on; the furniture is smooth and wear-resistant, with clear patterns; the birch is easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing performance, and the bark is flexible and beautiful.

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