Quality Control and Inspection Points of Uniform Density Particleboard

Quality Control and Inspection Points of Uniform Density Particleboard

1. Raw material production, high environmental protection grade, E1 and E0 products supporting.

2. The internal structure is homogeneous, the performance of each part is the same, and the bearing capacity is good.

3. The surface of particleboard is flat, and after 10 sanding processes, it can directly adhere to the facing material.

4. Homogeneous plate, uniform bulk density, easy to process and manufacture, good stability of the plate.

5. Fully automatic production equipment with high processing accuracy and small thickness error.

6. All the core materials are waxed with high waterproof performance.

7. High-quality raw materials, multi-layer screening, good particle shape, uniform board quality.

8. It has good sound absorption, insulation and heat insulation performance.

Quality Control and Inspection Points of Uniform Density Particleboard,Assuring Quality Through Particle Board Testing,Visual inspection of particle boards for quality assessment,

Testing methods and quality control in particle board plants


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