Quality control formula for plywood

Quality control formula for plywood

Tips: ruler: ruler and quality inspection, both are important, reasonable selection of materials, quality can be guaranteed; cooking: logs to cook well, water quality standards, temperature to ensure, time can not be less; picking: picking not skinned

Check ruler: Check ruler and quality, both are important, reasonable selection of materials, quality can be guaranteed;

Cooking: Logs should be cooked well, water quality should be up to standard, temperature should be guaranteed, and time should not be less;

Skin scraping: Skin scraping without debris, branches and bags, sand and stone clean, in order not to damage the knife;

Rotary cutting: to improve the billet yield, the middle and high recruitment, rotary cutting and transmission, speed ratio to find a good;

Transportation: In the process of transportation, it is very good to be careful. It is light to handle and light to handle, without loss at half a point.

Drying: wet billet drying, water content does not exceed the standard, the speed changes with temperature, as appropriate grasp;

Cutting billet: Cutting billet according to specifications, grading and numbering, big wood is not small, small wood is not thrown away;

Patching: patching should be strong, digging and patching should be firm, the core and surface should be whole, and the work efficiency should be improved naturally.

Glue coating: the proportion of the glue, not many, not many, the glue to be uniform, in order to stick firmly;

Layout: Layout is not separated, there is no lack of four sides, the lack of edges is not end-to-end, short materials should be replaced, up and down to be corrected, do not be impatient, careless such as string, all in vain;

Plywood: Plywood is the key, warm pressing three guarantees, operation according to the rules, strength can be high;

Sawing edge: Sawing edge should not be sloppy, size control is good;

Sanding: Sanding should be serious and belt speed should be adjusted.

Inspection: Inspection and grading must be marked one by one according to the national standard and stacked separately.

Packing: Packing should be neat, don’t touch corners;

Storage: According to the waiting into the warehouse, keep moisture-proof.

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