Quality Control of Plywood

Quality Control of Plywood

Each plywood plant has resident quality control personnel to help ensure that the finished panel will meet the requirements stipulated in the manufacturing standards.

Veneer thickness, moisture control for veneer drying, panel grading, and glue bonding are examples of stages of manufacture that are connuously monitored in quality control.   The vast majority of all construction/industrial grade plywood is manufactured under a quality system that includes auditing and control of in-plant procedures. These products are typically identified by a certification surface mark. This mark signifies that the plywood has been subject to an accredited third party quality assurance program, which entails continual monitoring of inner ply grade, surface ply grade, panel thickness, panel dimensions, panel marking, workmanship, and glue bond strength to ensure that the plywood will meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable manufacturing standard Other softwood/hardwood plywood plants may also employ voluntary quality auditing by independent certification agencies to ensure conformance to applicable requirements.

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