Quality Control of Plywood in China

Quality Control of Plywood in China

In order to ensure the quality of plywood from the source, many plywood customers began to implement A-level supplier strategy many years ago. The goal is to make 80% of suppliers meet A-level standards.

Since this year, many plywood customers’general grade plywood and high-grade plywood brand wood-based panels are in short supply and even encounter bottlenecks in production capacity. This not only benefits from the influence of the brand, but also has a good appeal of plywood. Of course, it is also inseparable from the strict control of the quality of plywood by enterprises.

Visited many plywood customer quality assurance system and some raw material suppliers, fully felt the great energy contained in the “joint efforts” between the wood-based panel manufacturers and suppliers.

The Power of the System

Many plywood customers’quality assurance system is sound and perfect. In the words of the Quality Assurance Department of the company, our daily work is how to speed up the improvement of supplier’s supply capacity and carry out quality control.

In order to ensure a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly plywood delivered to every consumer, a complete quality assurance section for wood-based panels has been established, and a quality assurance group has been set up in the production workshop of high-level plywood panels. In addition, the most important raw material factories – veneer grading and glue are also equipped with quality assurance groups, which form an assembly quality assurance section. The above two departments constitute a strict quality professional assurance system in the factory.

At present, the quality control of many plywood customers begins to extend forward.

In addition, the enterprise also has a plywood development based on a large number of tests, inspection and verification of the central laboratory; to ensure that wood-based panels in production and other aspects of the size control measurement technology center.

It is commendable that a lot of plywood customer quality assurance system for the management of raw material suppliers. In the selection of good suppliers, the quality assurance department undertakes basic work under the guidance of the company’s strategic committee. For example, if a good supplier has the basic quality, three departments, such as quality assurance, will organize an on-the-spot inspection in advance. Each Department has the general level of plywood potential supplier inspection rules. The professional team and the evaluation team scored the raw material suppliers together. After confirmation by the evaluation section , they report to many plywood customer-led procurement and quality committees.

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