Quality control of plywood production process

Quality control of plywood production process

As a result, the plywood products that have been tried hard to make have become defective products in the plywood inspection process, and the processing time spent in manufacturing the plywood products has become invalid working hours. The plywood products should be qualified through the plywood inspection, and only when they are handed over to the plywood customers can they know that they are defective products, which leads to the decline of the company’s credit. This phenomenon is believed to exist in many factories In the past, how to overcome? We mainly describe the following procedures and methods of on-site quality management, I believe it will greatly reduce the production of defective products for your site: defective product control of plywood production line, quality control of plywood production process, quality control of finished and semi-finished products, quality control of plywood product assembly and packaging.

Plywood process is the basic link in the manufacturing process of plywood products. Plywood process generally includes processing, inspection, handling, stay four links. The quality control of plywood process is an important link in the quality management of raw plywood products.

【1】 What is plywood process quality control

The process of plywood process refers to the process in which the operator, machine equipment, material, process method, measurement and environment are combined and interacted under specific conditions. Plywood process quality refers to the quality of plywood process. The process quality of plywood reflects the comprehensive effect of operators, equipment, materials, methods, testing and environmental factors on the quality of plywood products. Plywood process quality control is to limit the fluctuation of plywood process quality within the required limits of quality control activities. The object of plywood process quality control is to control the quality characteristic value formed by plywood process directly, and the fluctuation of quality characteristic value is affected by plywood process factors. Therefore, the essence object of plywood process quality control is plywood process factor, especially the leading factor.

【2】 Plywood process quality control planning

The results of plywood process quality control planning should be documented. These documents include not only principle plans, such as objectives and requirements, but also implementation documents, such as operation instructions and process cards. Plywood process quality control planning is led by the process department and formulated according to the following steps:

Firstly, according to the importance grading of plywood product quality characteristics provided by the design department, the quality characteristic value to be controlled is defined.

2. Define the quality characteristic value to be controlled, determine the quality forming process, and draw the necessary process flow chart.

3. According to the principle of establishing plywood process quality control points, determine plywood process quality control points, and prepare necessary list. 4. To determine the quality control points of plywood process, to investigate the plywood process capability.

Based on the investigation of plywood process capability, this paper analyzes the factors of plywood process quality and determines its leading factors.

6. Based on the analysis of plywood process quality factors, the plywood process quality analysis table is compiled, and various documents of plywood process quality control points are compiled as the core.

【3】 Plywood process quality control points

Plywood process quality control point refers to the quality characteristics, key parts, weak links and leading factors that must be controlled in the plywood production process. The quality control points of plywood process can be set with quality characteristic value and plywood process factors as objects. The setting principle of plywood process quality control points is generally based on the following four principles:

1. All quality characteristics are classified as grade a quality characteristics and a few are Grade B quality characteristics and key parts. Definition of quality characteristics importance classification:

First level characteristics (key characteristics): if the specified characteristic value requirements are exceeded, the safety of plywood products will be directly affected or the overall function of plywood products will be lost.

Secondary characteristics (important characteristics): if the specified characteristic value requirements are exceeded, some functions of plywood products will be lost.

Third level characteristic (secondary characteristic): if the specified characteristic value is exceeded, the function of plywood product will be gradually lost. 2. There are special requirements in the process, which have a significant impact on the processing and assembly of the next plywood process.

There are many weak links in internal and external quality information feedback.

4. Key plywood process and special plywood process.

【4】 Plywood process control method

1. Full time three inspection system: the full-time inspection staff shall conduct the first inspection at the beginning of the formal processing of each shift (time), carry out intermediate inspection or patrol inspection during the processing process, conduct the completion inspection or final inspection at the end of processing, and adjust the plywood process according to the inspection results.

2. Work inspection combined with three inspection system: on the basis of full-time three inspection system, the operator’s self inspection is added, and the mutual inspection of each plywood process of the group by the team leader and team quality personnel, and the mutual inspection between the next plywood process and the previous plywood process.

3 application of statistical chart method: mainly using questionnaire, histogram, control chart and other methods to implement plywood process quality control. Among them, the control chart method is the most widely used.

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