Quality control standard for wooden doors

Quality control standard for wooden doors

1. The whole door surface shall be free of scratch, bump and other injuries

2. The color is consistent with the customer’s requirements, and there is no obvious color difference. The color is bright and the wood grain is clear

3. The color of the whole batch of doors is the same without obvious color difference. Meet the requirements of customer gloss

4. The paint surface shall be free of sagging, shrinkage cavity, edge expansion and wrinkle, the line corner shall be basically consistent with the surface, and there shall be no paint accumulation, abrasion and other defects

5. The dimension of the whole door is consistent with that of the opening

6. There is no significant difference in the two-sided coloring of wooden doors

7. The coating surface shall be free of obvious processing traces and coloring defects

8. Produce according to the drawings and processing technology, with real materials

9. The wooden door shall be flat, square and free from warpage. Meet the tolerance requirements (national standard)

10. The combination between product parts shall be tight, firm, seamless and inactive

11. The hinge shall not be installed askew, and the hole shall be punched according to the mold, and the position of the lock hole shall be accurate

12. The alignment is uniform; the depth of the notch is uniform without wave curvature

13. The installation gap of the door panel shall be even and meet the requirements, and the door jamb shall be installed squarely without skewing

14. The door leaf can be opened flexibly without abnormal noise

15. The door pocket and the wall shall be sealed with sealant on both sides,

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