Quality Discrimination of Particleboard

Quality Discrimination of Particleboard

Particleboard is also called bagasse board, which is made of wood or other lignocellulose materials. After applying adhesives, it is adhesively synthesized under the action of heat and pressure. It is also called particleboard. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing and construction industry, train and car manufacturing.

Because the particleboard structure is more uniform and processing performance is good, it can be processed into large-scale board according to need, which is a better raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished particleboard does not need to be dried again. It can be used directly and has good sound absorption and insulation performance.

From the appearance point of view, the size and shape of sawdust particles in the center of the cross-section are generally suitable for 5-10MM length, too long structure is loose, too short deformation resistance is poor, so-called static bending strength is not up to the standard.

Surface smoothness, smoothness point of view, the general factory to go through about 200 # sandpaper gloss, generally fine up and down is good, but in some cases, such as sticking fire boards, too fine to bad hanging glue.

The moisture-proof property of wood-based panels depends on their density and moisture-proof agent. It is impossible to soak them in water. Moisture-proof means moisture-proof, not water-proof. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish them in future use. The moisture content of wood-based panels in northern areas, including North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, should generally be controlled at 8-10%, while in southern areas, the moisture content of wood-based panels should be controlled at 8-10%. In the sea area, it should be controlled between 9% and 14%, otherwise the sheet is easy to absorb moisture and deform.

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