Quality inspection items and report of solid wood multilayer composite floor in Vietnam

Quality inspection items and report of solid wood multilayer composite floor in Vietnam

Entrusted by the US floor importer customer, our Vietnamese quality inspection team conducted quality inspection on the floor produced by its supplier last month. (according to the confidentiality agreement, we cannot disclose any contact information and product information of the customer and its suppliers.), Here we can only briefly introduce some conventional product information of multi-layer composite floor.

Executive standard

1. Quality inspection standards and quality requirements provided by American customers.

2. Agreement on quality requirements reached between the factory and customers.

3. GB / T national standard for multilayer solid wood composite flooring commonly used by our quality inspection team.

Multilayer composite floor

The multi-layer composite floor is made of multi-layer plywood as the base material, and the surface layer is hardwood veneer or planed veneer, which is hot pressed with glue. The number of layers of base plywood must be single, usually seven or nine layers. The surface layer is hardwood surface board, mostly colored wood, oak, birch, etc. the thickness is usually 3.0 / 4.0mm, the planed board is 1.2 / ~ 2.2mm, and the total thickness is usually no more than 15mm.

The inconsistent appearance is the natural expression

When choosing solid wood composite flooring, first of all, the appearance quality should be selected. It depends on whether the color and texture of surface wood meet the grade standard. Generally, there should be no wood defects such as decay, dead joint, knot hole, insect hole, skin resin capsule, crack or lax splicing, and the sense of wood texture and color should be harmonious. While selecting the appearance, you should also watch whether the tenon and tenon groove around the floor are flat.

The existence of color difference of multi-layer solid wood composite floor is due to the different growth environment of wood (such as latitude, altitude and tree size). Producers can only coordinate and unify it as much as possible with the help of modern technology. In fact, only the surface of artificial materials can avoid the occurrence of color difference (such as laminate floor), while the slight color difference of multi-layer solid wood composite floor can fully show the natural effect of pure wood floor.

The roughness of concave convex notch is the design feature of multi-layer solid wood composite floor. It adopts this deliberate burr design to make the floor eat glue better in the process of sizing and paving. In this way, the bite of concave convex notch between plates will be closer, and it is not easy to separate plates, which will make the paving effect more holistic.

The skin is so thin, is it easy to be worn?

For multi-layer solid wood composite floor, its wear resistance often does not depend on the thickness of the epidermis, but the coating covering the most surface of the floor plays a decisive role. You should pay more attention to the paint quality of the floor panel when purchasing multi-layer solid wood composite floor. The specific method is to place the floor board obliquely at the bright place, and observe whether its paint film is plump and uniform from the end face of the board, and whether there are wavy indentations, etc. (of course, those with wavy indentations are not good). The paint shall be painted evenly without bubbles, small white spots and other phenomena, and the surface shall be free of obvious stains and damages.

The surface of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor on the market mostly adopts the new American UV acrylic paint, six times of roller coating, three times of UV curing and two times of planing treatment. The paint can penetrate into the surface plate to the greatest extent, so that the paint film will not fall off. However, most of the floors of other categories on the market adopt the ordinary PU paint spraying treatment, just like the food wrapped in chocolate. Although the surface paint film is thick, it is easy to fall off.

Compared with ordinary PU paint, this new UV acrylic paint has the remarkable characteristics of good environmental protection performance, wear resistance, flame retardancy and high transparency. It can resist chemical erosion and will not turn yellow after long-term use. At the same time, roller painting will be warmer in touch than spray painting, and there will be no ice cold feeling.

It is precisely because the multi-layer solid wood composite floor has such excellent surface technology treatment, although its surface layer is thin, its wear-resistant strength has been tested by the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center, and the wear-resistant value is twice that of the national standard.

The simplest method can detect the machining precision

For many consumers who have no experience in purchasing multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, they are easy to ignore the processing technology of wood flooring. In fact, experienced people know that the processing technology of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, that is, the fineness of processing will directly affect the overall laying effect of flooring in the future.

The method to check the processing precision of multi-layer solid wood composite floor is very simple: take more than 5 floors by hand in the same packing box, place them on the glass table or flat ground, and assemble them. After assembly, pat the tenon and groove tightly by hand, observe whether the tenon and groove are tightly combined, and then touch them by hand to feel whether they are flat. If there is a prominent hand feeling, it indicates that the product is unqualified. After touching, pick up two assembled multi-layer solid wood composite floors and shake them in your hands to see if they are loose.

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