Quality Inspection of Supplier Factory for Major Customers or Professional Buyers

Quality Inspection of Supplier Factory for Major Customers or Professional Buyers

It is almost impossible for major customers and professional buyers to bypass the process of factory inspection before deciding to cooperate with suppliers. Only after the factory has passed the inspection can there be the possibility of the next order cooperation. Inspection factory is generally divided into: human rights inspection factory (social responsibility inspection factory), quality inspection factory (quality technology inspection factory), anti-terrorism inspection factory (supply chain safety inspection factory) and so on.

Today I want to talk about quality inspection. Although I am a professional factory inspector and have worked in a large trading company, I have personally contacted some world-renowned buyers for quality inspection. On the basis of working experience, I summarized some points that customers value in the process of quality inspection, hoping to be helpful to the small partners facing customer quality inspection.

If a factory can set up a perfect quality management system, commonly known as Quality Management System (QMS), to make the whole production process flow, for the quality control of the whole production, for the cost control, help is very great. Once established, this system can greatly reduce the rework rate and defective rate, improve production efficiency, save economic costs and time costs, sometimes not just to deal with factory inspection. Of course, the early improvement is relatively slow and painful, especially for the factory workers to break some bad habits, the process is relatively long and painful. But once the improvement is successful, the effect of the later period is also very significant.

For quality inspection, each industry has different standards, and each customer in each market has different requirements. But many basic processes and some requirements are similar. I am a lady fashion handbag product, mainly PU, PVC materials, because of the handbag production process, so the dependence on artificial, with some mechanized production products are different, so this article, according to the characteristics of my industry, I summarize the quality inspection factory should pay attention to what points. You can take a look at it according to your own industry.

The first and most important step in the establishment of QMS is to have a special person to control the whole quality department. This person can not be supervised by the production department, but should be directly managed by the owner or the general manager of the factory.

What is the inspection of the quality inspection factory?

I. Plant Equipment and Production Capacity

The factory must have a certain scale and corresponding perfect production equipment, in order to prove that the factory has the ability to complete orders on time with quality and quantity. It should be noted that all machinery and equipment should have machine operation guidelines, regular maintenance and correction record cards hanging on the machinery and equipment.

2. Clear management procedures and rules and regulations

The factory shall include but not be limited to the following management procedures and rules: training procedures for quality management personnel, quality control procedures, raw material inspection management procedures, incoming inspection procedures, finished product inspection procedures, final product sampling procedures, product risk assessment procedures, etc.

Complete documentation and inspection report

Includes but is not limited to the following reports: mid-term production inspection report, finished product inspection report, final product sampling inspection report, fabrics 4-point system inspection report, metal detector inspection and correction report, sharp instrument and needle issuance and recovery record and inspection report, etc.

IV. Establishment of Prenatal Meeting and Prenatal Control

All products are required to produce a prenatal model before production, and the corresponding production departments are required to attend the prenatal meeting. In this meeting, we need to list the production attention points and risk points in production. In the process of production, the corresponding departments should control this point. Make the confirmation of antenatal model and record of antenatal meeting.

V. Control of Production Process

Quality control should run through the whole production process.

1. Raw material warehouse. All main materials and accessories should be inspected and recorded; raw materials warehouse should be divided into different areas, such as waiting areas, qualified areas and unqualified areas; qualified materials can not be directly stacked on the ground, they should be placed on shelves or pallets.

2. Production workshop. Workshops should have production schedule to ensure that products can be produced according to plan; all liquid solutions in the workshop must be placed in secondary containers to prevent liquid leakage and contamination of products; needle trucks should have operation guidelines and standard confirmation parts at each step; and all surplus materials must be cleaned up at each transfer.

3. Packaging workshop. Packaging countertops must have QC confirmed packaging templates; there must be finished product inspection procedures.

4. warehouse. Cargo stacking should not exceed the limit of 1.8 meters. Cargo should not be stacked directly against the wall or on the floor. It must be placed on the pallet or shelf.

6. Control of sharp tools and needles

As we all know, foreign penalties for merchants containing sharp tools or metals that may cause harm to consumers are very serious. Once such problems are found, buyers must make corresponding claims to suppliers. Therefore, in production, we must strictly take precautions to avoid this situation, we must do a good job in the control of sharp tools and needles.

1. Sharp tools and needles must be managed by special personnel, and records must be issued and recycled every day.

2. All sharp tools should be numbered and stored in closed containers according to classification.

3. The release record of the needle must be available. For the complete collection of broken needles, there must be a management procedure for broken needles.

4. All sharp tools must be fixed on the table or locomotive in the process of using.

VII. Control of Trademark Marks of Suspended Trademarks

All purchased suspended trademark marks and marks should first check whether the contents are complete and whether they conform to the local laws and regulations of the place of sale. And all marks should be marked with the origin.

After the information is confirmed correctly, make a good record and hand it to a special person for custody according to the customer’s style and category. Do a good job of issuing and recycling records, such as quantity, style, color and so on, in order to prevent misdistribution and leakage.

VIII. Intermediate and Final Inspection in the Production Process of Products

The first part of each step in production must be confirmed by QC before production can be carried out. QC random sampling. Quality control is to control the problem in the initial stage. Once finished products are found out, the product can only be scrapped. Therefore, every step of production control is particularly important. Inspection methods and records in production are required. The quantity and treatment of defective products should be recorded. Before the finished product is put into storage, 100% inspection should be carried out, and the inspection methods and records of the finished product should be made well. Above are several points that should be paid attention to in quality inspection. In fact, there are many small points to be discussed below each big point. I just listed a framework to give you a train of thought. If you have more and deeper friends you need to know, you can confide in me. Small partners who know the quality inspection factory are also welcome to supplement.

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