Quality Inspection Standard for Fireproof board HPL

Quality Inspection Standard for Fireproof board HPL

Appearance quality inspection

Quality Inspection Requirements

(Technical requirements)

General defects: 1. No obvious wet and dry flowers, no less than 1% of the surface area of the plate; 2. No stains on the surface of the plate; 3. No indentation; 4. No dense, less than 20 feet in length and less than 0.2 mm in width of linear indentation more than three. 5. Deep damage to decorative layer should not be allowed; Serious defects should not be allowed: serious defects such as bubbles, fragmentation and stratification that obviously affect appearance and use should not be allowed; Note: Under the condition of external inspection, defects that can be clearly observed at 1.5m visual distance are obvious, otherwise they are not obvious.

Inspection methods

Visual inspection: Visual inspection of the appearance quality of high-pressure decorative panels under the standard lighting and visual distance. Wipe off all erasable dirt with soft fabric. Inspect the appearance quality at the visual distance of 0.5m-1.5m and the visual angle of 30-90 degrees. It is required that the natural light of the inspection site does not affect the visual acuity of the inspectors. Inspectors should have normal vision. Note: No dense means that no defects in the area of each square metre shall be concentrated in any area of 10*10_of the board surface.

Inspection Rules

Full inspection of appearance quality of fire-proof HPL board .


Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage

6.1 Inspection certificate shall be provided in the packing box. The certificate shall indicate the name of the manufacturer, product specifications and sizes, model and trademark, quantity, date of leaving the factory, and inspector’s code number.

6.2 Packaging: Paper, boxes or other materials can be used to avoid damage. Packing list is attached to the boxes.

6.3 Transportation: Keep clean during transportation. Careful handling should be taken to avoid damage to the product.

6.4 Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry room to avoid moisture on the exposed surface of the base material.

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