Quality Problems Easily Occurring in Eco-board

Quality Problems Easily Occurring in Eco-board

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Eco-board, as its name implies, requires higher environmental protection of the board. There are always some problems in the process of making perfect things. So what problems are easy to occur in the process of processing eco-panels?

1. Environmental protection. Because the traditional craft also needs to use glue to stick decorative board and brush paint, so whether it can meet the requirements of environmental protection is also one of the more serious problems of ecological board. Detection method: After finished products, after a period of time, whether there is a stimulating smell.

2. Whether the plate surface is flat or not. Detection method: In a slightly dark place, 45 degree angle Kanban surface is uneven, see whether the triangular splicing seam and sanding marks on the surface are obvious.

3. Whether there are wet and dry flowers on the surface, the home decoration is called carbonization. If there are bright spots on the surface of the board, it will blacken over a long period of time or paint discoloration on the surface, these are dry and wet flowers.

4. Paper fades. Relatively speaking, ink paper is not easy to fade. It has a strong stereoscopic effect and much worse color pulp paper. Detection method: After stacking two boards and staggering them in the sun for several hours, see if there is any color difference in the boards below.

5. Sheet cracking and bubbling. It is the quality problem of base material that leads to it.

6. Whether the paper is completely cured. Test method: Apply shoe polish, lipstick or pen on the board for a few minutes to see if it can be completely erased.

7. Whether decorative paper sticks firmly to wood and is dipped and peeled off. Test method: Cut the paper on the cross section with your hand to see if you can cut off the paper on the surface of the base material.

8. The thickness difference of the whole sheet. Detection method: Measure the thickness of multiple points on a piece of paper with a caliper. The error of 20 wires is normal, and the requirements of home decoration can be relaxed.

9. Sheet deformation. The degree of sheet deformation reflects the technological ability of the manufacturer. The sheet deformation is caused by the insufficient static bending strength of the sheet. Detection method: Observation with eyes.

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