Quality seal label can make the plywood customers and QC safe ?

Quality seal label can make the plywood customers and QC safe ?

Last month, I heard from a friend in the same industry who was engaged in plywood quality control. SHe was very depressed recently, but he was very glad that he helped foreign customers to inspect a batch of high-grade laser cutting grade plywood, and labeled the Quality seal label with her name on the plywood that he had inspected with glue As compared with the  of the pictures hercustomer sent to her , She  found that the customers had found that the seal was broken and found many defects in the plywood. When the client checked her with photographs, She found that there were several problems with plywood and the same problems he submitted in the quality inspection report. So She called the boss of the supplier’s factory. At first, the factory refused to accept the replacement of the goods. Later, through the workers of the factory, they said that their boss arranged to put the rejected plywood products back into the qualified plywood. Finally, the boss also admitted that they thought that the rejected plywood was not of high quality and would not affect the sales of customers, so they arranged workers to open the sealed plywood, and then put the defective plywood back into the qualified plywood and transport it to foreign customers.


From this incident, we can see that this quality inspection seal can only prevent gentlemen, not villains. With the development of science and technology in society, high-tech things can be copied 100% the same, let alone printed seals without anti-theft function.


Suppliers should also abide by business rules and consider long-term cooperative relationship. They should not damage the interests of customers or quality inspectors because of temporary short-term interests.

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