Quality Testing Standard for LVL Footplate

Quality Testing Standard for LVL Footplate

With the rapid development of sheet metal industry, LVL pedals are becoming more and more popular, and their product testing standards are also of great concern. Here, LVL pedal manufacturers introduce the quality testing standards for LVL pedals.

LVL Footplate Manufacturer

1. Less than 10 sandwiches or resin ducts per square metre.

2. The moisture content of LVL pedal is 6-14, and the formaldehyde emission is less than 5 mg/l.

3. Edge straightness, verticality and warpage are less than 1.0m m/m.

4. Immortality, surface cracking or wear less than 50X6MM, no bubbling or delamination is allowed.

Above is the introduction of relevant standards. When you buy LVL pedals, you can judge the quality of LVL pedals according to the above standards, so as to ensure the normal use of LVL pedals.

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