Quantity and quality distribution of factories in Xuzhou plywood production base

Quantity and quality distribution of factories in Xuzhou plywood production base.

Xuzhou is the second major production base of plywood, a world-famous production base. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1500 large and small manufacturers.

Prior to 2008, the American market was dominated by white birch plywood with high quality. Especially in Fengxian area, the high-grade and middle-grade are the main ones, with high quality and high price.

After 2008, the main film faced plywood in Europe, America and the Middle East, especially in Pizhou and Sanbao, are high-grade. High-grade quality birch, or mainly Fengxian County. A lot of UV plywood production lines and cabinet production lines have been added.

From 2016 to now, the product category and quality level of the whole Xuzhou production area are more obvious. white birch plywood, mainly in Fengxian County, is exported to the United States. Xinyi and Suining are mid-grade exporters of birch plywood and ordinary UV production lines in the United States.

Sanbao is mainly exported to Europe and the United States with two and three high-grade film faced plywood.

Pizhou exports medium and high-grade film faced plywood to Europe and the Middle East, South America and Africa.

Since 2018, due to the tightening of environmental protection policy and the anti-dumping of hardwood plywood from the United States to China, Fengxian has gradually moved to the domestic furniture market, mainly supplying high-grade furniture panels to domestic furniture factories. The plywood of Suining and Xinyi are mainly medium-grade cork plywood.

Pizhou Timber & Plywood manufacturers is still dominated by film faced plywood.

If we count all the plywood manufacturers, vendors, trading companies and retailers and wholesalers, it is estimated that there are more than 3000, especially trading companies.

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