Raw Material Preparation and Fiber Separation Process of Wet  hardboard Fiberboard

Raw Material Preparation and Fiber Separation Process of Wet  hardboard Fiberboard





The production process of wet  hardboard fiberboard mainly includes raw material preparation, fiber separation, slurry treatment, slab forming, hot pressing and post-treatment. Production process of wet  hardboard fiberboard.


Process flow chart of wet-process  hardboard fiberboard




  1. Belt conveyor 2. Raw materials 3. Chipper 4. Air conveyor 5. Wood silo 6. Hot mill 7. Decompression diluent 8. Coarse pulp tank 9. Precision mill 10. Precision pulp tank 11. High groove (sizing box) 12. Net front box 13. Long net forming machine 14. Cross cutting saw 15. Cushion plate 16. Hot press 18. Plate unloader 19. Plate splitter 20. Hot spot Room 21. Humidifier 22. Scraper


The process of raw material preparation and fiber separation in wet-process  hardboard fiberboard production is basically the same as that in dry-process density fiberboard production. However, wet-process fiberboard production usually does not add or add less adhesives, mainly depends on the interweaving of fibers and hydrogen bonds between fibers and other forces to combine into a board. Therefore, on the one hand, in the raw material selection and matching of raw material preparation process, a certain proportion of needle wood should be guaranteed, so that the separated fibers contain more long fibers, while reducing the content of hemicellulose, which has practical significance for improving the water resistance of products and reducing the pollution of process water. On the other hand, fibers with high degree of fiber separation should be separated in the process of fiber separation, which can be obtained by fine grinding or one-time grinding. Fiber grinding is carried out in a fine grinder, usually at room temperature for low concentration grinding of hot-ground pulp.

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