Raw materials of HPL laminates products

Raw materials of HPL laminates products

Kraftpaper (80 – 300 g/m²)

Saturating Kraft paper for HPL has absorption capacity suitable for resins. Kraft paper may be made

of virgin and/or recycled fibres.

Decor paper (50 – 160 g/m²)

Decor paper is bleached and pigmented paper providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The

decorative layers can be pigmented solid colours or more unique patterns using gravure roll or digital

printing technologies such as wood grains, stone patterns and individual designs.

Overlay paper (15 – 80 g/m²)

Overlay is a bleached unpigmented, transparent paper with very high absorption capacity for resins.

It is used to improve abrasion resistance.

Melamine Resin

Melamine resins are made from melamine and formaldehyde solution. Melamine resins are

transparent, lightfast, scratch resistant, hard coatings best applicable for the surface layers of HPL.

Phenolic resin

Phenolic resins are made from phenol and formaldehyde solution. Phenolic resins are brownish,

relative elastic compounds for the core layers of HPL.

Resin production

Both resins are produced in a batch process. In kettles the chemical components react together

under well controlled conditions. Formaldehyd connects to melamine molecules or phenol molecules

and forms reactive compounds for the further impregnation and press process.

The impregnation (treating) of papers

Kraft paper and decor paper are delivered in large rolls. In continuous horizontal “treaters” (i.e.

impregnation machines) the paper is unwound, immersed into the resin bath, saturated with resin

and then dried. The dry paper, filled with still reactive resin, is cut to sheets of the desired length or

wound up again and stored in conditioned rooms for later use.

Assembling and build-up

The treated papers are collected from stock and assembled in clean, dust free rooms to build the

right order in the desired colour, size, thickness and backing:

Typical build-up of a HPL


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