Reasons and Treatment of Veneer Thickness Error of Rotary Cutting Machine

Reasons and Treatment of Veneer Thickness Error of Rotary Cutting Machine

According to the different cutting materials, the errors of the chinese rotary cutting machine are different. The details are as follows:

There are several reasons for errors in veneer thickness of rotary cutting machine:

1. inappropriate slope of auxiliary sliding into town;

2. The main slideway is worn seriously.

3. Small special axle for large diameter timber, the clamp is easy to loosen and stop when the wood section turns.

4. When the back angle is too large, the cutter bed and the wood section will vibrate.

5. Too high tool loading height of rotary cutting machine;

6. The feed screw or nut of the tool holder is seriously worn out.

How to eliminate the thickness error of veneer of rotary cutting machine?

1. Reduce the inclination angle of the auxiliary slideway;

2. Repair the main slideway to make it horizontal.

3. Big clamps are used for large diameter sections.

4. Replacement of screw or nut or both;

5. Adjust the knife height to make it equal to – 0.5 – 0.5 mm.

6. Measure the rear angle with a modified universal goniometer, adjust it to reduce it, and observe whether the width of the bright part of the blade and the wood section is 3-4 mm.

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