Reasons for Bubbling of Flame Retardant Density board

Reasons for Bubbling of Flame Retardant Density board

It is unavoidable for manufacturers to make errors in production, which requires us to find out the reasons in time and solve them. What are the reasons for bubbles in production and how can we avoid them? The reasons for the bubbling of flame retardant panels are described below.

The main reason for bubbling is that the sheet itself has water absorption. Drying treatment is that the water in the sheet will come out in the state of steam and superheated water under high temperature and pressure. With the increase of temperature, the quantity of water in the sheet will also increase. When the temperature is lowered, the pressure of vaporization of superheated water will increase. Bubbles are more likely to occur than when the hot-pressing temperature is lower.

Therefore, we should pay attention to temperature control when using, and also pay attention to the moisture content of the sheet, do not appear in the process of water volatilization, should ensure that the moisture content of the sheet is low and then other processing.

When selecting flame retardant panels, it should be noted that the heavier the weight of the product, the easier it is to water, so don’t judge the quality by weight. We can observe the cross section and see that it is well glued and has clear layers.

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