Reasons for delaminateing of Multilayer Plywood

Reasons for delaminateing of Multilayer Plywood

Shandong Multilayer Plywood Manufacturer tells you the reason why the Multilayer Plywood delaminates: First of all, the moisture content of the board. As we mentioned before, the moisture content of furniture panels determines the bonding strength of the panels and other aspects. Once the moisture content of the panels does not meet or exceed the standard, it will cause the quality problems of the panels, not only ecological panels, multi-plywood, but also other panels. Generally speaking, the water content standard of multi-plywood is 8% – 12%. Different regions have different climate and air humidity, so different regions have different specific operation modes for water content of plywood. The best way is to air, fully contact with the air, and then do other operations, which is closely related to the following points. Drying is the production process of plywood .

In fact, in the production process of multi-plywood or eco-board, drying is basically a process involved, and this process is not only used in the raw materials of the board, but also in the semi-finished products of the board. The choice of adhesives is not right. Whether it is multi-plywood or eco-plywood, once the choice of adhesives is wrong, it is easy to delaminate the plywood. Comparing protein glue with chemical glue, chemical glue will undergo inverse chemical reaction at a certain temperature and condition, resulting in unstable bonding strength, but protein glue, a physical blending glue, will not. The influence of external environment on sheet metal. Many times we feel that after purchasing furniture panels, the original good panels, friends in other areas with nothing to do, to their own this is no good. This has a lot to do with the external environment.

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