Reasons for delamination  of Wood-based Panels

Reasons for delamination  of Wood-based Panels

At present, in panel furniture, almost all of the furniture needs to use artificial panels. Different kinds of artificial panels have different physical properties. In furniture wood-based panels, all wood-based panels will face such a difficult problem: delamination glue. Cracking is a very important factor affecting the quality of wood-based panels, and the quality of wood-based panels is also an important indicator of furniture use. Therefore, only by understanding the specific reasons for the tapping of wood-based panels, can we avoid unnecessary losses caused by tapping.

First point: moisture content of wood-based panels.

Blockboard, multi-layer board, particleboard, density board and so on, all wood-based panels used for wood will involve water content. It is a common understanding that the moisture content of newly cut wood is higher and that of long-term air-dried wood is lower. Water content is an important factor affecting the bonding strength of wood-based panels. Once the water content of wood-based panels is too high, it will lead to the weakening of the bonding strength of wood-based panels and the phenomenon of gluing.

Second point: drying.

Combining with the above point, the drying process is essential in the production of wood-based panels. And this process is also a more rapid and balanced means to achieve the standard of man-made sheet metal.

Third point: adhesives.

In addition to external factors, there are also its own factors, that is, the adhesives of wood-based panels are defective. If the bonding strength of the adhesives is not enough, the delamination of the adhesives will occur in the later stage.

Fourth point: external environment.

No matter how well the wood-based panels control themselves, if they are in a dark and humid environment for a long time, some unnecessary losses will also occur, including glue delamination.


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