Reasons for “fading” of Shandong plywood 

Reasons for “fading” of Shandong plywood

Now Shandong veneer plywood  has been widely used, many people in life are using Shandong plywood  to make furniture. But when many people use it, they will find that some furniture made of plywood  will fade a little. In fact, this kind of situation occurs because the manufacturer is not in place in the process of faceplate production, this situation will occur. Next Shandong plywood  panel manufacturers will tell you about the specific reasons for the “fading” of the plywood  panel.

1. For precipitation discoloration coatings, if not for quality problems, they can still be used after full mixing.

2. Non-metallic containers should be used to store varnishes which are most susceptible to discoloration. Long storage period and discoloration of precipitation.

3. Before using varnish, add appropriate amount of gold powder and silver powder, do not add varnish to store prematurely.

To sum up, that is the reason why the furniture made by the panel has slight fading. We can take some countermeasures to avoid these problems. This is also a reminder to you that when choosing furniture made of sticker panels, you should carefully choose which one to buy, after careful comparison, and then decide which one to buy furniture!

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