Recommendations for plywood storage

Recommendations for plywood storage

  • Plywood should be stored in a roofed place, which protects the plates from direct contact with water, humidity and high temperature amplitude.
  • Store plywood in horizontal position on a base leaning on supporting beams. The base should have similar dimensions to the dimensions of plywood. The distance between supporting beams should not exceed 50-90 cm depending on plates’ thickness.
  • When storing packages one on another please pay attention that the supporting beams lay precisely one over the other creating vertical line.
  • Isolate the plywood from the ground. The distance between the base of the package and the ground should not be less than 8 cm.
  • Ensure that the plywood will be stored keeping distance from walls and enabling right air circulation.
  • Do not store plywood in vertical position, e.g. leaning against the walls, because it may lead to waviness and warpping problems .
  • Keep the plywood flat ,or it will warp .
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