Recommendations on transportation and storage of Plywood

A : Transportation

1.Protect plywood from moisture during transportation,before packing ,cover the plastic bags for furniture grade plywood .For film faced plywood ,depends on the requirements .But don’t cover HOT TEMPERATURE PLYWOOD ,because of more Steam can stay inthe plastic bag make mold .

2.Do not push the packs of plywood with loader pitchforks,can damage the edges or surfaces of the plywood sheets .

3.Avoid damaging the packs and breaking the package tapes.

B:Loading and Unloading

1.When handling plywood, avoid breaking the package tapes.

2.Metal straps, hooks or chains must not come into contact with sheets of plywood. They can touch only plywood side facings and covers of the packs.

3.Remove sheets of plywood from the packs manually. Avoid damaging the flat ends, dropping plywood or dragging it over
the ground.

C: Loading and Unloading

1.Avoid damaging plywood sheets with loader pitchforks.

D: Storage

1.Store plywood in a closed room,can keep good moisture content and good conditioning.

2.Plywood should be stored in a horizontal position, in the packs on pallets, wooden strips or wooden bars-pads (thickness – not less than 60 mm, length – not less than the width of a pack, without overhanging).

3.Store individual sheets on a stable basis over the ground. Use pallets, wooden strips or wooden bars-pads to avoid sagging of plywood sheets.

4.During long-term storage, cut or remove all package tapes. This will prevent appearance of marks on the top and bottom
sheets of the packs.

5.If plywood is temporarily stored outdoors, cover it with an impermeable material. Protect flat ends from moisture. Pallets, wooden strips or wooden bars-pads must be dry to avoid leaving marks on the film.

6.If plywood gets wet,let it dry naturally

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