Red Canarium Plywood

Red Canarium Plywood is a Red Canarium face veneer plywood ,similar like Okoume , bingtangor wood grain or meranti wood grain and texture .Red Canarium is a species from Southeast Asia, or Africa, reddish brown color, very aesthetic.

In china ,China Red Canarium Plywood is very less compared with bingtangor and okoume plywood .

Plywood with Red Canarium face ply’s and mixed Red Canarium core ply’s. Colour and grain vary from sheet to sheet.

Ply’s are laminated with WBP glue, allowing the panel to be exposed to weather, water and moisture for a long period of time without delamination.

Uses: Versatile plywood suitable for construction, furniture making, packing and decorative work.

Origin of Product: Papua New Guinea
Grade: BB/CC
Sheet Size: 3100 x 1530 x 18mm,1220x2440mm
Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Face Type Core Type (Ply’s) Grade
18 3100×1530,1220x2440mm Red Canarium Red Canarium (11) BB/CC
Suggested Alternative Products: Okoume Plywood

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