Reduction of imported Russian timber at Manzhouli Port

Reduction of imported Russian timber at Manzhouli Port

According to the statistics of Manzhouli Customs, the import of Russian timber through Manzhouli Port decreased this year compared with the same period last year.

In terms of trade mode, border small-scale trade is the main mode of import. Private enterprises are still the main import force in the operation of enterprises. In addition, another notable feature is the increase of sawwood imports and the decrease of log imports.

According to the analysis, the main reasons for the decrease of Russian timber imports through Manzhouli Port are as follows: on the one hand, Russia is pursuing the policy of restricting the export of unprocessed logs, and the proportion of Russian logs imported to China is declining continuously; on the other hand, the imports of timber from New Zealand, EU and other places are increasing, replacing them in construction, furniture and other industries. Russian timber.

The main reason for the increase of wood declaration in other places is that with the increase of “Central Europe” classes, the amount of wood carried on their return journey increases substantially. Most of these timber declarations are made in domestic destinations such as Chongqing, Wuhan and other customs areas.

In view of the continuous adjustment of Russia’s timber export policy in recent years, the Manzhouli Customs suggests that the timber processing and utilization industries in the customs area go out, strengthen cooperation with the local government and enterprises of Russia, set up production and processing bases in Russia for papermaking and timber primary processing industries, reduce the proportion of raw materials imported and increase intermediate production. Import volume in order to avoid trade barriers. At the same time, the domestic wood processing and utilization industries are encouraged to improve the utilization rate of wood recycling and give full play to the characteristics of wood sustainable utilization in order to save wood resources and promote the sound development of the industry.

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