Release Agents for Film hot pressing ,melamine paper hot pressing

Release Agents for Film hot pressing ,melamine paper hot pressing

Release Agents is designed for the use of “difficult” press plates, characterized by gloss –matte regions, or a high degree of porosity. Release Agents is also well suited for deep structures with very narrow lines. Dosed at 0.1 –0.15% DeuroLease PHO significantly prevents the buildup of residues.

Release Agents is primarily added as a release agent to the surface resin. Release Agents is highly concentrated and should be used at 0.05 % to 0.2 % (lq./lq.).

Release Agents  is specially designed for the lamination of Phenol surface films onto plywood – for instance for concrete shuttering boards. It promotes residueless lamination and prevents discoloration of concrete surface. The recommended dosage is 0.3 – 0.5%. If necessary, Release Agents can be combined with standard wetting agents such as Release Agents .

Release Agents is generally used to ensure excellent release from standard chrome-plated press plates. Release Agentsprevents the buildup of residues, even after extended operations, and prevents the need for “cleaning films”.

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