Relevant EU Standards for US LVL Products

Relevant EU Standards for US LVL Products

EU Standards for LVL

Floor Construction OSB IJoistsIn Europe, LVL is classified under two different mandates – structural applications similar to glued laminated timber; or as a product for both general construction and in loadbearing situations. Therefore, different European standards govern laminated veneer lumber, even in loadbearing situations.

Structural: EN 14374: Timber structures – Structural laminated veneer lumber – Requirements. Also see essential characteristics for CE- marked LVL covered by EN 14374 in loadbearing applications, buildings and bridges.
Product used in non structural as structural applications: EN 14279: Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) – Definitions, classification and specifications. Also see performance characteristics for meeting this standard’s requirements in line with EN 13986.
For specific end use applications: refer to product panel performance characteristics: applications and relevant standards.
For durability issues: The updated standard EN 335:2013 has no information on the application of durability issues for LVL. See alternative standards able to provide advice on LVL durability.
Under EN 14279, the characteristic values of the mechanical properties are determined according to EN 1058 (to express the results) used in conjunction with EN 789 (to define the test results) or EN 14374. As an alternative, some physical and mechanical properties for LVL can also be determined by EN 408: 2010+A1: 2012. As you need a full copy of the standard to work from, a summary has been omitted here.
See also:

EN 314-2: Plywood – Bond Quality – Requirements

EN 408: Timber structures – Structural timber and glued laminated timber – Determination of some physical and mechanical properties

EN 717-1 , (EN 717-2) and now EN ISO 12460-3: Wood-based Panels – Determination of Formaldehyde Release

EN 789: Timber structures – Test methods – Determination of mechanical properties of wood-based panels

EN 1058 : Wood-based panels – Determination of characteristic 5 percentile values and characteristic mean values

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